Thanks so much for visiting our page and for your interest in our family business. I’m Dylan and I manage everything except for design. I joke often that no one would pay to stay in a place that I had decorated, and lucky for you, my wife Suzanne does all of the design work. We are parents to identical twin boys, Pete and Duke, and are in the process of adopting a little girl. We invest in real estate and run Airbnbs full time as a family. Our rentals are kind of a mixed bag made up of properties that we own and have renovated, lease and have decorated, and manage for other property owners. Our favorite projects are full renovations. We love having the freedom to re-structure the flow of a space as well as decide on all the details, from the stain on the wood floor to the finish on the kitchen cabinet hardware.

Suzanne and I met in our church’s campus ministry at the University of Tennessee. After a couple months of heavy persuasion on my part, we began dating around April of 2014 and were married the following May. A couple years earlier, I had purchased a foreclosure and had some friends live in it with me through college. Once we were married, I kicked the guys out and moved her in (talk about a roommate upgrade)! We renovated and sold that house and used the cash as a downpayment on our next fixer upper. We spent the first 2 years of our marriage living in the middle of house renovations. Let’s just say it was… exciting! We had a couple friends experimenting with Airbnb so I thought we should give it a try. I found an ad on craigslist for a 3 month lease on a furnished house. The owner was a traveling nurse and was hoping to cover her mortgage while she was out of town. Long story short, we loved running that first Airbnb and decided our goal should be to start more. We moved into an apartment so that we could put that second house on Airbnb as well. We built our portfolio up to 3 Airbnbs while I was delivering full time for FedEx, but I turned in my notice as our 4th property came into view. We started that first one in November of 2016, and as of December 2018 we are running 14 Airbnbs in Knoxville. We are so thankful to the Lord for allowing us to do the work we love and providing a job that allows us to spend a lot of time together!

We love Jesus Christ and are constantly amazed at His loving kindness towards sinners like us. The best news in the world is that Christ came to die for sinners so that we could know God (1 Peter 3:18). We want every part of our lives to honor Him and bring Him glory. We also love those made in the image of God, every human being on this planet (Genesis 1:26-27). God has blessed us beyond measure and we believe that isn’t just for our benefit (Matthew 25:34-40, James 2:14-20, Philippians 2:4, 1 Corinthians 10:24, 1 Peter 4:10). We want to take the spiritual and material blessings we have received and share them with others, especially the poor and vulnerable. One way we are hoping to do this is by giving a portion of our business’s monthly profit to HOPE International. You can read more about what they do on our “fighting poverty” page. We plan to start giving to them on a monthly basis after our adoption is completely funded.